Enjoy your Chakra deck!

Congratulations on your investment in yourself Lovely.

I’m so excited for you to receive these cards; I know your highest self is thanking you for creating another avenue for deeper connection and communication!

When we align our Chakras we begin to live our lives in flow state. Things run more smoothly, and we remain open to receiving all of the blessings the universe wishes to bestow on us. In this flow state we are able to invite in more joy and bliss; and that is EXACLTY what I want for you lovely.

How to use these cards: Simply download, print (in colour if possible!) and cut them into shape. If you have access to a laminator you can laminate them to maintain the integrity of these cards and make them easier to take with you (I’ve had mine over a year now!) Once you’ve prepared them; shuffle the deck as you normally would any deck of cards. Pull a card first thing every morning to receive guidance from your highest self on what energy centre needs more love and attention that day. Alternatively; divide the deck into each of the 7 Chakras and reflect on 1 card per day to amplify your healing on a specific energy centre throughout the week. Enjoy!

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