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  • Vegan Soda Bread Recipe
    Hey Juicers! I hope you’re hungry; because today I’m sharing one of my newfound favourite recipes! Super easy vegan soda bread. And this recipe is SO fab; you’ll be biting into your delicious loaf in just an hour! Yum. But first, a little back story! So the other day my partner and I were watching […]
  • Rose Petals: 6 ways to use them + DIY Simple massage oil recipe
    Hey Juicers! I hope you’re all in good health and well grounded. Today I want to share with you my love affair with rose petals. I’ve always loved roses as they are such a beautiful flower, and their fragrance is undeniably sweet and romantic. But up until recently I’d never had the opportunity to harvest […]
  • 5 Ways to Infuse More Magick into Your Life
    Hey Juicers! I hope you’re all healthy and well grounded!! I come to you today with some advice hand in hand with a bit of a confession! Okay so lets be honest, I love doing magick as much as the next witch but sometimes I just don’t feel like getting all my crystals and candles […]