Meet the Witch

Hey, I’m Juicy!

I’m a travelling witch who loves to learn more about the esoteric world and help raise the vibration of the world around me; by first raising my own.

I love to share my day to day life experiences being a witch on the go, my favourite crystals I’m carrying and different meditations I do daily to help balance and align my Chakras. I feel that by balancing your Chakras, you can live your life with a greater sense of connection; and remain in a state of flow with much more ease. I’m so passionate about this; that I’ve created an online wellness course + community to help others achieve and maintain that sense of alignment in their own lives. Complete with an affirmation deck made by me; and one of a kind yoga practices created by my soul sister Kat. A couple of my favourite things to do in my free time is making mindful plat based food and also creating beautiful jewellery that magickal beings can use to direct and amplify their energies. I also love learning about Mama Moon, the amazing world of astrology and how it affects us in our daily lives. I’m passionate about the wellbeing of Mama Gaia and do my part to lessen my footprint as much as I can; and my style of travel reflects that.

I call myself a travelling witch; however I don’t travel in the same sense many others do. Instead of many shorter vacations, I travel long term and at a slower place; finding somewhere I love and making it my home until I feel called to migrate again.

Come with me on my journey where you can explore the magic of the Tarot; the importance of intention in everyday mindful living and everything in between.

This is a safe space for witches to learn and grow.

I’m so happy you’re here.