Hi lovely! I hope you’re doing so well.   

Not very long ago; I shared a piece of my art on my Instagram – and I think it could help you to see it here as well! I think so many times we beat ourselves up over making things PERFECT (I know I have!) maybe even to the point of not doing something for fear of failure. Or maybe you start something then let self-doubt get in the way and wind up leaving it unfinished? Well, if that sounds all too familiar… THIS ARTWORK IS MEANT FOR YOU

I recently had a call with one of my lovely soul sisters and we joked about how sometimes; when we know we should be working on one thing-a million other mundane tasks just suddenly pop into our heads and become top priority!  

After our call I sat down and drew this sweet little cactus with the intention of posting it the very next day… but you know what? That self-doubt crept right back in! ⠀ 

Looking at my drawing now; I’m so glad I listened to my own message and shared this little guy with you. Just a friendly reminder that you are so capable of achieving greatness; sometimes we just need to release that self-doubt, get out of our own way and let it happen!  

No one is perfect; and why should they be? Our imperfections are what make us special, and unique.

Embrace who you are and allow yourself to fully blossom; becoming who you were meant to become.


You just need to get out of your own way to let it happen!  

I hope you enjoy this piece of art; I like to look back at it as a reminder to myself to get out of my own head!  

Until next time, I’m sending you so much love and well wishes, always.  

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey;  

Juicy xo  

Ps. I heard something that blew my mind the other day that you can keep in mind anytime you’re feeling anxious to try something new. The first time you do something; will be the last time you ever do it for the first time! Like whaaat?! With that in mind; I hope you’ll be a little more lenient on yourself, you got this!  

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