Diving Deep: Your RAS + How to use it.

Hello Lovely I hope you’re doing so well!

A couple weeks ago; I talked a little bit about your RAS in my Messages from Higher Realms series (catch up on the whole series here Angel Numbers pt.1, Sound, Smell + Sight pt.2, What’s in a Dream? pt.3, Animals + Objects pt.4)

I feel like our RAS is such an important topic so we’re going to dive a little deeper into it!  

If you remember; I talked about how POWERFUL of a tool it is to help guide us to WHAT IS THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR US. In case you need a refresher; here is the scientific description and a diagram to help you understand where in your brain this is taking place. If you find it confusing; don’t worry too much about it. I feel it’s more important to understand how to use it than to know the ins and outs of what it looks like!  

Your RAS at work!

 “The reticular activating system (RAS) is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that project anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behaviour, as well as both posteriorly to the thalamus and directly to the cortex for activation of awake, desynchronized cortical EEG patterns.”  

– sciencedirect.com

In basic terms in the way I understand it: your RAS is the system your brain uses to confirm your reality! It pays attention to things you deem important and then looks for external confirmation to affirm your beliefs. This is really powerful because we can use our RAS to our advantage instead of letting it use us!  

Take this example:

Down below are 2 people who woke up this morning and are driving to a yoga class.  

Hi I’m Tom!
Hey, I’m Andrew!

First let’s meet Tom. Tom innately believes that the world is amazing and full of opportunities. Well, his RAS is now going to look for external things that confirm this for him and filter out anything that doesn’t support those beliefs. So, even if Tom runs into a road block for a train crossing on his way to his yoga class; he’ll spot an alternate route that might get him there EVEN FASTER. And because he found this quicker route, he now has 10 extra minutes to spare. While he waits for class to start, he sees that the bakery next door has a promotion on for buy a coffee get a free muffin. He takes advantage of this deal and thinks to himself: yea, life is good. Because Tom’s belief was that world was amazing and full of opportunities; his RAS looked for external validation to support those beliefs.

Now, let’s meet Andrew. Andrew innately believes life is hard and there isn’t enough to go around; and his RAS looks for external validation for this. Andrew is also driving to his yoga class this morning, and he just so happens to run into the same train crossing as Tom. But, instead of looking for an alternate route he sits and waits for the train to pass, cursing that he’s probably going to be late for class and bets he won’t be able to find parking. By the time the train passes; he has to rush to the studio. When he finally finds parking, he realizes the class has already started.  Because he is so frustrated, he decides to skip yoga altogether and grab a coffee at the shop next door instead. He sees the promotion for the buy one coffee get a muffin and but bets his favourite flavour, blueberry will be sold out. While he waits in the queue, he sees there is one blueberry muffin left. But the person in front of him buys the muffin first. Because Andrew is so fed up, he walks out of the shop empty handed. He was too impatient to even bother with waiting in line for a coffee anymore. Little did he know; the baker was just pulling a fresh batch of blueberry muffins out of the oven as he walked out of the door. Because Andrew’s RAS was looking for life to be hard and draining; his brain found every opportunity to confirm his beliefs.  

I know that this example might seem a bit silly; but I promise you it really works like this! Now, I’m not saying that bad things never happen to Tom, or that good things don’t ever happen to Andrew! But chances are, when the bad things do happen; Tom will brush them off quicker and easier because they don’t resonate with his beliefs. And the same with Andrew about the good things too!  

My point is; it’s important for us to use our RAS in a way that serves us and gets us what we actually desire; instead of letting it work on autopilot and hope for a miracle. 

Okay, so you see the power of your RAS; but now the question is HOW DO WE MAKE IT WORK FOR US? Well lovely, it’s easier than you might think! And you don’t have to spend hours and hours programming your brain to do it (I mean you could if you want to, but you don’t have to!)  

I spy with my little eye.. something that is RED

Let’s see our RAS in action, shall we? This is an easy exercise to show you just how programable your brain really is! I’d like you to do this exercise tomorrow FIRST THING so you can give yourself a whole day to see what happens. If you want to see how this fares long term; then give yourself 2-3 days to see how it plays out! Okay so: what I want you to think about is RED CARS. Write the words RED CARS down on a piece of paper in red ink if you have it; and then leave that somewhere visible for you to see right when you wake up. Maybe tape it to a mirror or put it on your bedside table. Now, carry a pen and paper (or make note on your phone)  throughout the day every time you see a RED CAR.

Then come back to this post and comment the number and we can see just how POWERFUL our RAS really is!  

You’ll be surprised just how many RED cars you see!

The RAS is also a big reason why I love using affirmation cards; because they target it to help you be more positive throughout your day. (Have you read my blog post about Affirmations? If not, you can give it a read here) I also find that creating a vision board; and/or writing your goals out and keeping them in a visible place that you can see every day can really help supercharge your RAS to your advantage!  

For example; I created a written vision board in June 2020 of all the things I’d like my life to look like EXACTLY a year later. I put that piece of paper directly across from my head when I go to sleep, taped to a wardrobe. Now, we haven’t come up on a year later yet… But I’ve noticed some things already starting to take shape! Back in June, I wasn’t yet a vegan and I certainly wasn’t doing yoga or going for walks every day. But slowly over time; as my mind saw these repeated statements; I felt called to lay out my mat and go for a stroll. Of course – this isn’t a magic trick; it’s not going to happen overnight and without some effort on your part. BUT you can help your RAS along the way to achieving your goals. I think being more mindful about the choices you make throughout the day is always easier if you can see the desired outcome staring you in the face! Like, of course if I see on my vision board it says drink 8 glasses of water… you can bet I’m thinking oh yea, where’s my water bottle at?

In my Messages from Higher Realm series; I talked about how the synchronicities we see in our lives are messages from our spiritual team; and I believe that to be so true! I think although you could say these synchronicities are simply your RAS working for you; I BELIEVE that our RAS is a beautiful program we have built into our minds to help guide us to WHAT IS THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR US. It’s a great way for our spiritual team to connect with us and guide us in a way that serves us. 

I hope you give this a try lovely; and let me know how it goes for you! The main thing to remember; is that NOTHING MEANS ANYTHING EXCEPT THE MEANING YOU GIVE IT. If you can remember that, it will help you make more conscious choices about the meaning you attach to the events that take place in your life. Start using your RAS instead of letting it lead the way; and you will see so much shift in your reality!  

If this post resonates with you; feel free to let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear if you tried the RED CAR exercise out and how many you spotted! (I tried this myself and spotted 26 cars in one day, no joke!!)

Once you understand just how powerful your brain is; you’ll be more inclined to use it in a more mindful way!  

Until next week; I’m sending you so much love and well wishes, always.  

Thank you so much for letting m be a part of your journey; 

Juicy xo  

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