Reflections: Body + Soul

Hello Lovely! I hope you are doing so well. Today I want to share an epiphany with you!

It came at a time when I was looking back at old photos of myself; and the way my body used to look. You see; I was VERY physically fit… but I was overworking my body. And I refused to address any emotions or feelings I had. Basically, I was starving my body of nutrients and busying myself with work to the point of exhaustion. It wasn’t intentionally, mind you! I was working at a restaurant 6 days a week; which involved LOTS OF WALKING. And because it was a busy restaurant, and I rarely had time to sit down and eat. Sometimes I’d bring food with me; but it was never much. So, I’d snack on french fries and then when I got home, I’d treat myself to a chocolate bar because I felt I deserved it! I smoked weed every day, from the time I woke up until I went to bed and never bothered to reflect on WHY I felt the need to do that. I didn’t have a car, so I walked EVERYWHERE. I’m talking over 30,000 steps a day type walking. To be honest, I generally thought I was pretty healthy! I did yoga every day, and went for hikes with my friends.  

When I left Vancouver to go travel; I didn’t give much thought to the exercise I was doing because I was always doing some sort of tour visiting temples; or spending time at the beach. I didn’t think much about my diet either… I just ate whatever cheap food I could get at the market or the food stalls on every busy street! I wasn’t smoking weed for the first 3 months because I was too busy meeting new people and drinking almost daily. It was super-hot ALL THE TIME so I ate very little; and I thought drinking loads of water instantly meant I was being ‘healthy’. I even attended a couple yoga classes! (Literally 2 yoga classes in like 8 months; who was I kidding!)  

It was only after I got to London and I slowed my lifestyle down; that I began to look at my lifestyle as a whole… and that’s when everything caught up with me. I started to resent my body because it didn’t look the way it used to; and although I was now progressing with my spiritual path – I felt so depleted about my outward appearance. My clothes that I wore in back home didn’t fit anymore; and I couldn’t appreciate that my body was FINALLY able to rest. It’s been a very long journey accepting my body for the way it looks now; and that’s not saying that there was anything wrong with it in the first place! Quite the opposite actually; it was my perspective that needed changing.  

The way that I’ve been able to switch my perspective is through processes that help me release those negative emotions I had been holding onto for so long! I practice forgiveness rituals, and journaling. I use affirmations daily, eat nutritious food and make sure I’m getting enough rest. I choose to move my body MINDFULLY, and I’ve donated those clothes that don’t fit me, so I can fully embrace that I’m not the person who mistreats her body anymore. I also now focus on healing all of my Chakras and utilizing many meditation styles, including a very powerful Ho’oponopono method (I’ll share more about that method in the future!)  

The point is, now I look back at those photos and I remember how much my poor feet throbbed when I would get home from work. I remember my poor wrists and my aching back; overworked and neglected. Now I look at those old photos and I send love to that version of myself. She needs it. Now I’m SO GRATEFUL for the body I have.  

I’m back to practicing yoga everyday again; but you can be sure my practice feels entirely different. Now I move my body to show gratitude for what it can do for me; and to stretch the muscles that show up for me constantly EVERY DAY. I no longer work my poor body to the point of exhaustion and neglect my soul.  

I make it a priority to practice meditations and get to know myself on a deeper soul level. Does that mean I was wrong for the way I was behaving before? I don’t look at it that way. I think that version of me was hurting; and trying to find acceptance in the only way that she knew how. I see the lessons I learnt and appreciate my growth. I still have many fond memories of the times I spent hiking the mountains with my friends; or dancing the night away; but I’m a completely different person now.

I’ve had a metamorphosis.  

Now that I honour my body AND my soul; I could never go back.  

I hope my words and my journey helps you in some way lovely; I feel so blessed to have a space where I can share my experience with you.  

Until next week; I’m sending you so much love and well wishes; always.  

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey; 

Juicy xo

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