Animals + Objects (Messages from Higher Realms pt.4)

Hi Lovely! I hope you’re doing so well. Today I’m sharing EVEN MORE ways that our spiritual team loves to share messages with us! (I told you, they REALLY want to get your attention!)  

After today; you will be so well equipped to receive all of the guidance that your spiritual team is trying to relay to you! In this blog post we are addressing animals, coins and feathers. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the other 3 posts in this series don’t worry! I’ll link them here for you to get all caught up if you need

(Angel Numbers pt.1, Sound, Smell + Sight pt.2, What’s in a Dream? pt.3

Alright Lovely; because we have SO MUCH to cover today; let’s just dive right in!  

A very common way for your spiritual team to relay messages to you; id by sending animals your way. Similarly to numbers, all animals represent different attributes and carry a unique message. Honestly, this is a topic that we could dive SUPER DEEP into. Even if I listed 20 different animals here; there would still be a whole world of other animals and other meanings. So, I’m using this post as a way to help you become aware of the fact that animals aren’t just showing up in your life randomly; and I’ll encourage you to do your own research when said animal makes its presence known to you. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every time the neighbour’s dog comes up to say hi to you that she’s sharing a message. (It doesn’t mean she’s not either; but I digress)  

The main thing to note is: how likely is it that this animal is showing up for you right now? For example; if you are sitting on a park bench and a robin happens to land right beside you; and stares you in the eye. That’s probably worth making note of! I feel like using your intuition here is KEY. And feel free to ask the universe for more clarity! If your spiritual team is trying to make something apparent to you; they will happily oblige. Whenever I’m unsure if this animal is showing up for a specific reason; I ask the universe to send it to me twice more. Then, if I happen to see that animal again and again that day (or that week) – I’ll be sure to look it up.  

I want to make sure you’re aware that your animal sightings don’t necessarily need to be living creatures! Let’s say you live in in a city, but your guides are trying to send you a message of endurance, resilience, wisdom and protection…well they might send you a turtle. But what’s the likelihood of you seeing a turtle waltzing down a busy city street? Highly unlikely. (If you do see this: YES, IT IS A SIGN; but please make sure that turtle isn’t a lost pet that needs to find a safe way home) But perhaps they will send you a turtle in another way. Maybe you see a travel brochure open at the shop and there is a picture of a turtle front and centre. In this case; I might ask for more clarity – but again, follow your intuition. If you feel that this is something that is meant for you THEN IT IS. (Who knows, maybe your spirit guides inspired me to put a turtle image in this post JUST FOR YOU. Does that resonate?)  

You are connected to your spiritual team in an energetic way; and the more you open yourself up to receive messages and guidance: the more they will appear.   

Another way your spiritual team loves to send you messages; is through feathers! Specifically white feathers; but alternate colours mean different things as well. Now, before you start scouring around the duck pond looking for feathers (been there!) let’s talk about the way in which they are most likely to appear for you. When your angels sending you a message of hope, spiritual growth and protection they will often leave white feathers in the most unlikely of places. Usually inside somewhere, just delicately placed and waiting to be discovered. I know of someone who’s received white feathers just after their grandparent’s passing on two separate occasions. She felt as though it was her grandparent’s way of showing their love and demonstrating their connectiveness even after leaving this Earthly realm.  

In my own experience; I’ve seen feathers in unlikely places both indoors and outdoors; usually when reflecting on my mother’s passing. On the time I saw one outdoors, I intuitively knew that these feathers were a special sign for me; as the ground was muddy and wet and there were no birds around. The feather was gently resting atop the ground and blew away as I walked past it. Like with all things relating to your spiritual team, it’s important to use your intuition. You will feel it if it is meant as a sign. Some feel it in their heart; I usually feel it in my gut. There is no right or wrong way to discern whether or not it was just a coincidence; but I believe there are no such thing as coincidences in this world.  

The final message from the Higher Realms that were covering is in the form of coins found on the ground! Some people may think that there is no meaning to this; as coins are deemed of little value in many currencies; but it’s not so much the amount but rather THE MESSAGE that we should be paying attention to.  

Our spiritual team will often leave coins for those they are watching over as a symbol of imminent good fortune and protection. If you see a penny on the ground, don’t hesitate to pick it up! It’s a sign and gift from the higher realms. Finding coins is generally a symbol of leadership and support. 

Of course, like all the other spiritual symbols; you’ll usually find the coins in unusual places, for example on the seat next to you on the bus or the rug at the entrance to your house. Ultimately; your intuition will ALWAYS be your best guide. Even if the coin you find is simply one that’s on the side of the road; and may have been driven on 10 times over – you can still take this as a sign from your spiritual team. Always remember they are here to support and guide you throughout your life and help you achieve success. 

Of course, your relationship with your spiritual team is unique and special to you. Perhaps they might send you another message, that only has a special meaning you could interpret. Recently, I asked my mom to send me a sign she was protecting me and I asked to see Snoopy, because that was one of her favourite characters from the Peanuts. Not very long afterwards (a day or two) while I was on a walk I saw a girl with a shirt on that said in big bold letters: BE HAPPY. And sure enough, there was Snoopy in the middle of the top doing a dance. To be honest, I’d forgotten until that moment I’d even asked for sign! But there it was, as clear as anything. Now, obviously this sign wouldn’t mean much to anyone else – but it meant the world to me. My main point is; get acquainted with your own spiritual team. Get to know them and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance – that’s what they’re here for after all. Build a relationship with them and your life will improve drastically. As long as you ask for help from your wisest guide of the highest good, you have nothing to fear.

Alright lovely; I think that’s where we’ll leave it for today, otherwise we could go on for ages! Of course; even though we covered SO MANY different ways your Angels, spirit guides and ancestors are sending messages to you; THIS IS NOT ALL OF THE WAYS! Once again, I’ll gently remind you to remain open to receiving messages at all times; and in all ways from our spiritual team that is helping navigate us through this lifetime.  

If you ever feel a certain pull towards something; or it keeps showing up again and again in your life – ITS PROBABLY A SIGN. If you’re unsure, never be afraid to ask the universe for clarity. I would recommend making notes in your journal; or even on your phone when these things come up for you so you can see just how adamant your angels are to guiding you in this particular direction.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series about Messages from Higher Realms over the past 4 weeks Lovely; it’s been such a pleasure to put into shareable words all the ways I’ve experienced guidance from my own spiritual team; and reflect on the guidance that is always available for me.  

If you’ve noticed any of these signs showing up in your own reality; please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below! This is a safe space for us to share and expand together.  

Next week I’m diving deep into our RAS system (I touched on it briefly in pt.2 of this series if you need a refresher!) and how we can utilize it to our advantage! 

Until next week; I’m sending you so much love and well wishes, always.  

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey;  

Juicy xo  

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