What’s in a Dream? (Messages from Higher Realms pt.3)

Hello Lovely I hope you are doing SO WELL!

I’ve really loved talking all about messages from Higher Realms the past couple weeks; and I hope you’ve been enjoying it too! Maybe you’ve even started to notice some synchronicities showing up in your own life; and connecting the dots to messages that are coming through for you.  

No matter where you’re at in your journey; I believe KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! And after reading all about these potential messages; you’ll be better aware when your spiritual team do start communicating to you!  

If you haven’t had a chance to read up on the other 2 posts in this series yet; I encourage you to soak up all the juicy goodness in pt.1 and pt.2 and then revisit this post! There will be one more post about this topic next week; and although I feel like we could talk about messages from higher realms for ever there is so much more I was to dive into!

As per usual; I’m just going to jump straight into one of my FAVOURITE ways to receive messages from my own spiritual team; which is probably the most common way many people receive messages. And that method is from dreams!  

I think recording your dreams; or at least whatever bits stick out most for you is SO POWERFUL. When we dream, our consciousness is transported from our physical body into a completely different realm. It is in that realm that we can receive messages from our higher selves; and sometimes even warnings!  

I spoke to a beautiful friend recently; who shared a tip for interpreting dream meanings that she received from a dream course which goes even deeper than just what you remember. She said: its more powerful to make note of a specific symbol from your dream if you can; because sometimes just reflecting on that specific symbol will take you back to that dream state. She also said its less important for us to record absolutely everything we remember from our dreams because that remembering is coming from the logical side of our brain; which was NOT the side of the brain that was doing the dreaming. (Talk about an AHA moment!) Instead, take note of what way your body was facing when you woke up. Were you on your left side or your stomach? Depending on the way you were facing we can draw more information about our dreams that way! It’s also important to make note of any feelings and sensations that we might have when we come out of that dream state. Were you feeling overwhelmed or scared? Maybe your stomach was in knots or you had some tingling in your left hand. All of these factors help us interpret our dreams on an even deeper level.  

Now; I’m no dream expert by any means! And I’m not entirely sure what each of these sensations or body placements mean; but I do know that the more we become aware of these things: THE CLEARER OUR MESSAGES WILL BECOME. I encourage you to record all of these sensations for yourself; and if you feel called, research the deeper meaning.

I’m sure you will uncover so much wisdom you never even knew existed!  

Of course; I want to share a very powerful dream that I had with you! Let this example be a reminder of just how POWERFUL our dreams can be; and the repercussions of WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DONT LISTEN. I know I won’t be making that mistake again!  

This dream I remember so vividly; back in March 2020 when I was living in Nicaragua. I’ll give you some backstory so it makes more sense! This was at the beginning of Covid; and we were sorting out whether we should go back to the UK to be with my partners family; or fly significantly closer to Vancouver and be with mine. Of course; because he’d never visited Canada before and I was feeling homesick; I was pushing for Canada. I was in contact with the Canadian Embassy; working on getting him approved to enter the country on the premise of a common law partnership. We were sending messages and calls multiple times a day; awaiting THE LAST rescue flight that had been specifically chartered for any Canadian citizens that wanted to fly home.  

 Now; back to the dream. In this particular dream; my partner and I preparing to visit Canada (where I’m from). I’m not entirely sure where we were leaving from; but we had our bags packed and attended a going away party. I felt some hesitation and anxiety as we realized we were running late; so we rushed into a taxi to head to the airport. However; in my dream, as hard as we tried, we couldn’t get to our flight! In fact; there was this inner knowing that we couldn’t even get to Canada at all! In the dream; we ended up missing our flight and not only that; but we’d realized that we’d had a huge sum of money in a wallet taken from us when we got to the airport. I woke up feeling disheartened and frustrated; and honestly kinda pissed I’d lost all that money! It had been a wallet with WADS of cash in it! Practically ALL OUR MONEY! 

Now; at the time I recorded this dream I thought how strange it was but still pursued with getting a visa for my partner. After a lot of stress, time and energy, it ended up being unsuccessful (it obviously wasn’t an aligned choice!) and we had to fly back to the UK. At this time, I couldn’t see the correlation between the dream and what was currently happening. (In fact, as I’m typing this, I’m only just realizing how uncanny my dream was!)  

My partner and I did in fact, miss our flight to London and had to spend the night at the airport. AND we also had to REBUY our tickets for the next flight the following day; resulting in us losing about $300CAD (it was meant to be $900CAD but the ticketing agent was kind enough to reduce our payment because of the pandemic!) We were SO FORTUNATE that my partner’s parents were willing to help us pay for the costs; but the help we needed was almost £2000 ($3500CAD)!! This whole journey ate up THE ENTIRETY OF OUR SAVINGS! All the money we’d worked so hard for all of 2019.  

And of course, it was only once we returned to the UK, we realized that I would’ve been ineligible for financial aid had we’ve gone to Canada instead; which would’ve resulted in EVEN MORE financial loss. So of course, we were very lucky we weren’t able to fly there instead!  

Had I paid more attention to my dream; I might’ve avoided a lot of the frustration and pain that I endured to try and force us to get back to Canada; and maybe we would’ve found a solution that was cheaper and smoother getting back to London (our journey took over 55 hours, 5 flights and cost us almost exactly $3000CAD EACH!!) But; of course, hindsight is 20/20! In a way; everything that I had dreamt about HAD COME TO FRUITION. It was almost like a smack on the face to stop being so stubborn and actually listen to the guidance that was trying to help me. TALK ABOUT AN EXPENSIVE LESSON!! 

I am, however, really grateful for the lesson that I learnt! And that lesson was: 


It may not always make sense right now; but feel it out and you might be able to decipher a message. Or, at the very least, you can proceed with more awareness if and when things start to come together in a way that seems oddly similar to something you’ve seen before in your dream state.  

Tell me lovely; have you ever had a dream that has come true like that for you? (I hope not in the same expensive way!) Share your experiences in the comments below so we can really solidify just how POWERFUL these messages are!  

Next week is the final instalment of this series. We’ll be touching on 3 other ways our spiritual team is reaching out to us!

Until next week; I’m sending you so much love and well wishes. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey;  

Juicy xo 

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