Grand Rising Granola Recipe

Hello Lovely! I hope you’re doing so well. I really enjoyed sharing all that juicy goodness with you for the last 7 weeks with my Chakra series; and it feels bittersweet for it to come to an end. (If you want to catch up on that series click here to start at the Root Chakra!) But it’s okay, because today is a new day! The sun is shining and I’m excited that I get to share another recipe with you!  

Today we’re talking granola. I have a confession to make… this was THE FIRST TIME I ever made granola! (crazy I know) But growing up I’d never been a huge fan of it. I don’t know if it was because it was crunchy, because it looked like dressed up oats to me or if I was just too preoccupied with my sugary cereals (don’t even get me started on cavities!) But I’ve now realized I’ve been missing out THIS WHOLE TIME!  

NOW, I’ve purchased granola as an adult sure. Once or twice. But I feel like it’s pretty pricey for dressed up oats, and it always crumbles into the tiniest bits and you’re left with crumbs half way through the bag! BUT THIS RECIPE… OH. MY. GOSH. It’s a game changer. I’m not just saying that either! My partner also said it was probably the best granola he’s ever had.  

Before we get into it; I want to disclose that I basically just threw together EVERYTHING I had in the kitchen into this recipe. I live in a household of nut lovers and I’m a self-admitted dried fruit addict. Dates and banana chips are a daily go-to for me! But if you see anything in this recipe that doesn’t work for your taste buds; feel free to leave it out. Maybe swap it for something else that you do like; or if you’re feeling brave, give it a try and see how you feel. I’m not sure how much this granola comes up price wise; but I do know that nuts can cost a pretty penny. If you do decide to splurge and try this exact recipe – you won’t be disappointed! If you make a more budget friendly version of granola, I’m sure it’ll taste just as yummy.  

My only note; is about the dried fruit. I checked a few other recipes and most people recommend adding the fruit in at the very end. I added it in right away and didn’t have any troubles at all!  

Also, the measurements of the fruit and nuts are pretty vague in this recipe; but I think it’s a case of as much as you like; or as little as you like. Small handfuls worked for me because I had so many different things to add into this granola. This is your baby; you add whatever feels right to you. Honestly; this is one of those recipes you can get messy and have loads of fun with! No need to stress over exact amounts (except the for the baking time; don’t mess around with that. you don’t want burnt granola!) 

my only regret is that we didn’t have more dried mango!

Now, if in the back of your mind you’re thinking, this is really cool and I’m sure it’ll taste great; but what’s a granola recipe doing on a spiritual website? Well let me tell you: MAGIC IS IN EVERYTING. The more love and intention you put into your daily life; the more magical it’ll be! Especially when it comes to food. Creating nourishing food is like modern day potion making in my opinion, and honestly? Our body is the temple that houses our soul. So why wouldn’t we want to give it loving and mindfully prepared meals? You deserve all the love in the world.

Want to make this recipe extra magical? Stir your granola clockwise for love, health and prosperity. Maybe you’re looking for more protection in your life? Stir it counter clockwise. If you’re feeling extra witchy; check the spiritual meanings of a couple of the ingredients in this recipe:

The Aztecs considered vanilla a sacred herb and used it in ritual offerings, as a perfume and for medicine. Vanilla is associated with water and Venus, and is commonly found in soothing, calming, personal empowerment, good luck, and love rituals.


Cinnamon is associated with the element of fire and the sun. It is a much-beloved spice with a long and rich history. It was mentioned in Chinese books on healing more than four thousand years ago. It was also used in Egypt and Europe. Cinnamon can be added to any spell to speed up the action. It can be used in love spells to draw love, happiness, and money.


I hope you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and making the perfect granola for your grand rising lovely (or any time of the day really!)  This recipe is just as delicious as it is magical. I hope it brightens up your day the same way it did for me.

Until next week, I’m sending you so much love and well wishes, always.  


Juicy xo  

ps. If you’re looking for new ways to have an even more magical grand rising, check out this post about my favourite way to start my day; with affirmation cards! I’m also gifting you 14 affirmation cards from my full Chakra Affirmation deck so you can see just how powerful they are. If you haven’t go your hands on yours yet – simply enter your email below to have them delivered straight to your inbox!

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Grand Rising Granola

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