Diving Deeper: Affirmation Cards

Hey Lovely! I hope you’re doing so well. Today I’m sharing one of my favourite practices with you! I’ve talked about affirmation cards before; but today we’re diving deeper.

(Missed my previous post about affirmation cards? Read all about them here)

Are you looking for Divine guidance from your highest self?

Great news: The guidance you’re looking for is ALWAYS available to you!

Despite what we’ve been led to believe in society; you don’t need anything external to connect to that inner wisdom.

You already have all of the answers inside you!

Everyday your highest self communicates to you; in so many ways. That gut feeling you get about something, the strange dream you had last night and even that repeated 222 number you keep seeing are ALL ways your highest self is trying to communicate with you! (More on those other messages coming soon!)

I know; it can seem confusing at first. (Like what the hell does my dream about being in Las Vegas with my besties have to do with a message from my highest self?!) But trust me, there’s a deeper message in there.

Learning to trust your intuition and deciphering these messages can feel like learning a new language; and in a way it really is! But luckily, there are tools out there to help you understand what exactly your highest self is trying to convey to you.

One of my favourite tools for receiving direct messages from my highest self is affirmations cards.

Everyday I pull a card from my deck; knowing that the card that is meant to be shown to me will be the one I choose. Each card has a specific message that will help me navigate my day and really focus my energies on the things that need extra love and attention!

How does it work? Well; because our highest self doesn’t exist in this realm, let alone speak human; they can’t just write a message on a piece of paper for us. Plus that would be super creepy to wake up to!

What they CAN DO is guide your hand to choose the card in the vibrational frequency of the message they want to get across.

By using affirmation cards: your highest self gets to share their wisdom with you; and you get to read the message in a way that makes crystal clear sense to you.

It’s a win win!

As you know, I’m very passionate about Chakras and realigning your energy centres to live your life with more love and joy. Which is why I’ve created a unique deck of affirmation cards that pertain to those energies.

(Are you new to Chakras and how they work for us? Click here to read my beginners guide to Chakras!)

Everyday I use these cards to help receive guidance from my highest self about the best way I can go about my day. Some days I need more focus on my Root Chakra; other days I need to utilise my compassion and focus on my Heart. No matter what Chakra needs extra love and attention; I trust that the guidance I receive from these cards will impact my day in a deep and meaningful way. I’ve witnessed the shift in my energy immediately from bringing my awareness to each divine message!

Of course; I want to share this amazing guidance. Which is why I’m offering my Chakra Affirmation Deck to you!

I use these cards everyday! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do♡

I’m gifting you the first 14 cards of the deck for free; so you can get a taste of what it’s like to receive this amazing guidance. I’ve also included 2 additional blank cards so you can write your own affirmations out; because I believe each of us has unique messages that our highest self would like to convey.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the full deck; I got you! I’ve channelled an additional 49 Chakra focused affirmations from Source to really help your highest self convey their message to you in a clear and concise way. Plus, I’ve added another 7 blank cards into the deck so you can add EVEN MORE affirmations into your practice. When complete; no two people will have the same deck. By tailoring the deck to suit YOUR needs best; you can cultivate your practice to be in perfect alignment with the messages YOU need to hear.

All in all; you will receive 72 cards that I know will step up your practice in a MAJOR WAY! Simply enter in your email below to have your 14 FREE Chakra Affirmation cards delivered straight to your inbox; or jump straight into the whole deck and receive daily guidance right away by clicking here.

These cards have certainly changed my life; and I’m so excited for them to change yours!

Until next week; I’m sending you so much love + well wishes, always.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey;

Juicy xo

ps. The video below is a quick card pull I did just for YOU! Enjoy ♡

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