7 Chakra Series: Crown

Hello Lovely!

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. Welcome to part 7 of my 7 week Chakra series

Can you believe this is the final week of Chakra goodness?! I cant! I feel like the past 6 weeks have just flown by. BUT DON’T WORRY! If you want EVEN MORE CHAKRA GOODNESS, I got you! The doors to my Free FB Group Chakra Discovery are officially OPEN! Come join the community so you can keep all the good stuff coming. This community is jam packed with daily inspiration, a safe space for your burning questions and updates on all upcoming events! PLUS amazing monthly guest speakers talking all about Breathwork, Moon Magic, Human Design, EFT Tapping and so much more! If this is something you feel called join; check it out now. (link below)

But getting back into this series, our final week is all about the Crown.

The Crown Chakra is all about your connection to others, and your connection to God/Spirit/Source (or however you choose to call it!)  

(New to Chakras and want to know more? Check out my beginners guide to Chakras here)

For our final affirmation; I think its so fitting for us to focus on our unity to all beings. As a collective we’ve gone through this series; but on an even bigger scale we’re all going through this human experience together. We are all connected in one way or another. Even down to the ground that we all walk upon.

Because I’ve said it every week, I would be remiss not to mention that once again; we can bring our awareness that EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT IN OUR FAVOUR. Life is all happening FOR US; even if we don’t see it as so in this current moment. Remembering that we are all one brings me a sense of connection; and sometimes a bit of frustration! Seeing how some treat their brothers and sisters and the earth itself does bring me pain. BUT it also gives us a great opportunity for compassion; and an understanding that educating others is a duty WE ALL SHARE. By living our truths as authentically and compassionately as possible; we can create change in the world around us. When we all come together, we are SO POWERFUL. We can create a world we really want to live in.

(Never heard of affirmations before or don’t get what all the fuss is about? That’s okay! Check out my experience with the power of affirmations here)

My personal recommendation is that you save and repeat this affirmation as many times as you need this week; maybe whenever you’re feeling alone or having trouble seeing someone else’s perspective.

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For the last crystal in this series, we are talking about another powerhouse and must have in my collection: Clear Quartz

This crystal is so frickin versatile. I’m telling you, quartz has so many amazing healing properties and can really amplify all energies; but today I’m going to be sharing a few keywords that will really help you utilise this crystal in a way that works best for you! 

Clear Quartz: the ultimate energy amplifier! Known as one of the most powerful healing stones; this bad boy protects you against any negative energies.

(Are you interested in crystals? you can learn EVEN more about this crystal and 10 others here)

My favourite way to use this crystal is to place it on my forehead while listening to Edo &Jo’s Chakra meditation and chanting the mantra OHM NAMO NARAYANI. (laying down!) This mantra is ancient Sanskrit and translates to: I surrender to the Divine. I also visualise a white light radiating from the top of my head up the heavens, and visualizing guidance and wisdom flowing down to me.  

PSA: I host a Live Meditation on the last Sunday of every month! Next Meditation is: April 25th!

This is the perfect event for anyone who is looking for connection and a sacred space to gather. We will be coming together and chanting the different mantras for each Chakra to rebalance our energies, using one of my favourite meditation tracks by Edo &Jo! It doesn’t matter if you are someone who is brand new to meditation; or someone who practices everyday..

you WILL receive a deeper level of healing when we bring our energies together ❤

All you have to do to join us is reserve your seat!

I hope you have a chance to try working with this amazing crystal; it’s such a powerful stone! If you can’t get your hands on one right now; doing the meditation alone will still work wonders! 

Our Crown Chakra journal prompt and practical tip feels a bit bittersweet I must admit. I’m happy to share all of this knowledge with you; but I still have so much left to share! If you’ve been considering diving deeper into the Chakras; I invite you to join my Chakra Discovery Group. I’d love to have you unique energy in the community!

This journal prompt is encouraging you to sit down with your thoughts once again, and really define what God/Source/Spirit is to YOU. I know a lot of us (myself included!) may have grown up in a religious household and have been told what this higher power is already. But I don’t want that definition you’ve grown up with to be the only definition you know! Lets get really crystal clear (maybe like quartz crystal clear anyone? Haha) about what our relationship is with that higher power.

Todays practical tip might be challenging for some; I know meditation was one thing I was quite hesitant to in the beginning of my spiritual journey! I couldn’t fathom sitting still for any amount of time; just doing.. NOTHING. But I promise; you will reap the benefits from this practice! Its totally okay for random thoughts to pop into your mind when you meditate; just work on observing them and letting them go. (You could also join my Free Meditation on the 28th if you’d like some support meditating, and/or try a new way of focusing your energies. We will be using chanting to really quiet the monkey mind and find stillness) If that seems a bit out of reach right now; trying yoga might be a great alternative! Yes you’re still moving your body; but you begin to focus your energies on your breath and being truly present in the moment.

That’s all for the this Chakra Series my Lovely; but I hope you enjoyed this journey and have been able to implement some of the things I’ve shared into your daily life! If you’re looking for more support on your journey, I encourage you checkout the Chakra Discovery Group (link below) It’s the online community I’m offering focused all around Chakras and finding alignment in our daily living. There is so much juicy goodness in store for you there! PLUS 12 different amazing guest speakers talking about their area of expertise. Learn more about Human Design, Breathwork, EFT Tapping, Moon Magic and so much more!

Until next week; I’m sending you so much love + well wishes, always.

Thank you for letting m be a part of your journey;

Juicy xo

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