7 Chakra Series: Sacral

Hello Lovely!

I hope you’re doing so well. Welcome to week 2 of my 7 week Chakra series! 

This week we’re talking all about your Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra is all about creativity + passion. Yes, that includes our sexual desires too!

(New to Chakras and want to know more? Check out my beginners guide to Chakras here)

Today I’m sharing one way you can help stimulate some creativity in yourself; a personal practice that I use every day to help me break the negative thought patterns in my brain: Affirmations

If you’ve been following along for a little while now; you know affirmations are my JAM! And if you’re new here.. Welcome! I hope you get as much benefit from affirmations as I do!

Today this affirmation is claiming back our creativity and allowing it to FLOW through us. Even in times of hardship or blockages; life is all happening FOR US; even if we don’t see it as so in this current moment. Remembering that we are an limitless pool of creativity helps me stop that negative voice in my mind telling me I’ll never create again! I hope it does the same for you.

(Never heard of affirmations before or don’t get what all the fuss is about? That’s okay! Check out my experience with the power of affirmations here)

My personal recommendation is that you save and repeat this affirmation as many times as you need this week; maybe whenever you’re feeling frustrated or uninspired. 

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Oh, and while we’re at it; another recommendation I have is to dance to some of your favourite upbeat music, EVEN IN YOUR ROOM IN YOUR UNDERWEAR (for unrestricted movement and/or amplifying some of that sexual energy). I find it really helps get that energy flowing!

Next we’re looking at one of my favourite crystals for working with your Sacral Chakra: Tigers Eye!

This crystal has so many amazing healing properties; but I’m going to be sharing a few keywords that will really help you utilise this crystal in a way that works best for you! 

Tigers Eye: amplifies confidence; reduces fear and anxiety

(Are you interested in crystals? you can learn EVEN more about this crystal and 10 others here)

My favourite way to use this crystal is to place it just underneath my waist band (I’m usually wearing comfy elasticated trousers for this!) while listening to a Chakra meditation (I recommend Edo & Jo’s Chakra meditation; it’s amazing!) and chanting the mantra VAM. Visualising the colour orange; or imagining I have  orange waves washing over me cleansing me! 

I also really like to hold this stone in my hand whenever I’m feeling uneasy or anxious as I find it really soothing!

I hope you have a chance to try working with this amazing crystal; it’s such a powerful stone! If you can’t get your hands on one right now; doing the meditation alone will still work wonders! 

Finally, we’ll touch on a journal prompt and practical tip you can put into practice in your daily life!

This is one prompt I use to really hone in on my Sacral Chakra; and how I can stimulate that flow of creativity pouring from me. As we all know; sometimes live gets challenging and we may feel bogged down with work or mundane daily tasks. Finding a sense of play helps me lighten the mood and invite more laugher into my life.

Todays practical tip is one that seems simple; but has a huge impact! You might even already do this; but if not I definitely recommend giving it a try. If you’re open to it; visualise all those blockages washing away in the shower. It helps me loads.

That’s all for the Sacral Chakra Lovely; but next week we’re talking all about your Solar Plexus Chakra. I look forward to sharing more Chakra goodness with you soon!

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But for now I will leave you with this Sacral Chakra goodness;

and until next week; I’m sending you so much love and well wishes, always.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey,

Juicy xo 

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