7 Chakra Series: Root

Hello Lovely!

I hope you’re doing so well! Today I am starting my 7 week series highlighting each of the Chakras and sharing a bit of my knowledge about them with you! If we’re already IG friends; you may have seen some of this information on my feed already; but I hope this blog format gives you an opportunity to look at each Chakra as an overview.

If we aren’t connected on Instagram yet; I encourage you to reach out to me on that platform. I share my daily affirmation cards and so much other juicy goodness on there!

But of course; I never want you to miss out! Which is why I’m also sharing my Chakra series with you here.

Today will be part 1 of my 7 week Chakra series; and we are talking all about the Root! 

The Root Chakra is all about our sense of security + stability. It makes sense that many of us are feeling unstable in the world right now; there’s a lot of uncertainty present! 

(New to Chakras and want to know more? Check out my beginners guide to Chakras here)

Today I’m sharing one way you can find that stability in yourself; a personal practice that I use everyday to help me break the negative thought patterns in my brain: Affirmations

If you’ve been on the blog for a little while now; you know affirmations are my JAM! And if you’re new here.. Welcome! I hope these weekly Chakra focused affirmations help you in the same way they’ve helped me!

(Never heard of affirmations before or don’t get what all the fuss is about? That’s okay! Check out my experience with the power of affirmations here)

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Today this affirmation is bringing us back into the awareness that EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT IN OUR FAVOUR. Life is all happening FOR US; even if we don’t see it as so in this current moment. Remembering that we are always Divinely protected helps me snap out of that fear mindset; and I hope it does the same for you!

My personal recommendation is that you save and repeat this affirmation as many times as you need this week; maybe whenever you’re feeling stressed or worried about the future. 

I’m also sharing one of my favourite crystals for working with your Root Chakra with you which is:

Black Tourmaline!

This crystal has so many amazing healing properties; but I’m going to be sharing a few keywords that will really help you utilise this crystal in a way that works best for you! 

Back Tourmaline: provides negative energy protection; great for migraine relief, reduce stress and increased vitality. 

(Are you interested in crystals? you can learn EVEN more about this crystal and 10 others here)

My favourite way to use this crystal is to place it on my pubic area while listening to a Chakra meditation (I recommend Edo & Jo’s Chakra meditation; it’s amazing!) and chanting the mantra LAM. Visualising the colour red; or imagining I have roots growing from my tailbone connecting me to Mother Earth helps as well! 

I hope you have a chance to try working with this amazing crystal; it’s such a powerful stone! If you can’t get your hands on one right now; doing the meditation alone will still work wonders! 

The final bit of Root Chakra juicy goodness I’m sharing with you today is a great journal prompt; and a practical tip you can put into practice in your daily life!

This prompt is one I use to really hone in on my Root Chakra; and where I can find that sense of stability in my own life. As we all know; the outside world is very uncertain and I don’t think it’ll be changing anytime soon! So it’s up to us to look inwards and find our own sense of security to maintain a sense of alignment in our daily lives.

This practical tip may seem simple; but honestly has a huge impact! We spend so much time on our feet; it only makes sense to show them some love and attention. If you’re open to trying some essential oils; my recommendation is tying some sandalwood! It’s a beautiful fragrance and also helps with aligning your Root Chakra 

That’s all for the Root Chakra Lovely; but the next segment in this series is coming next week; talking all about the Sacral Chakra I look forward to sharing more Chakra goodness with you soon!

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For now I will leave you with this Root Chakra goodness to put into practice.

Until next week; I’m sending you so much love and well wishes, always.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey,

Juicy xo

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