3 Ingredient Vegan Pancakes

Hello Lovely! Happy New Year! I hope 2021 is treating you well so far; I know its still early days – but I hope you’re had plenty of time to rest and reflect on the past year. I also hope you’ve been able to set yourself some tangible goals for this year and maybe created a vision board (or whatever works for you) to help you get the ball rolling on achieving all of these amazing things. 

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite recipes with you; my super simple fail proof 3 ingredient vegan pancakes. 

The ‘batter’ will be pretty thick! You can shape these babies into whatever you like.

Growing up pancakes were a special treat. On Sundays, we would all come home from church and my stepmom would whip us up some Mickey Mouse head shaped goodness. My sisters and I thought she was so talented! She would create hearts and flowers and sometimes she’d let us get in there any try to make our own shapes too! So, pancakes have always held a special place in my heart. But as I got older; I rarely found the time to make my own. And if I did, it was with some premade mix and usually turned out clumpy or would stick to the pan. I’d drench my creation in loads of syrup just to cover the taste of burn and nine times out of ten end up with a stomach ache. Most of the time I would avoid making them altogether because I hated cleaning up burnt bits that somehow managed to scatter themselves around the kitchen. 

Fast forward to last year when I found myself working at a hostel in Nicaragua that offered free pancakes for breakfast to guests (and staff). It wasn’t all that bad; because we just supplied the mix and people made their own pancakes just the way they liked them. But it did mean that when I was hungry; there was always pancake mix ready for me to give it another go. And give it a go I did! Over and over (and over) again.. and each time I burnt the shit out of those cheap pancakes. I cant even tell you how overjoyed I would get when I would flip one sucker over thinking I’d finally mastered it; then how frustrating it was when the next one in the pan would break just like the 20 pancakes before it. At one point I was lucky enough to have a coworker that would make extra pancakes and share them with me (thanks Madie!) which was a blessing; but ultimately when she left and I had to return to the undercooked (and somehow burnt at the same time?) slop I called a pancake. 

My circles need a little work; but lopsided pancakes taste just as good!

My partner and I decided we were over cooking pancakes and when we found the huuuge (I mean industrial sized) bag of free oats in the pantry we thought we were good to go. But as we all know, plain oats get pretty boring pretty quick. This original recipe stemmed from me googling quick easy breakfast ideas and finding a banana oat pancake recipe that turned out pretty good! Admittedly I wasn’t vegan at the time; so one of the main ingredients was eggs. BUT I’d finally overcome my burnt pancake fiasco that seemed to haunt me and this alternative was pretty healthy. 

At the same time, our boss also just happened to be seeing someone who worked as a videographer for a chia company so we were gifted a huge bag of chia seeds that we were told we could use whenever we liked which was pretty cool! My first thought was to put a few teaspoons into the batter; and sure enough it worked! But our pancakes were like bricks. We’d make 5-6 and not be able to finish our second pancake without feeling bloated af. 

A few months passed and we flew home to the UK during the beginning of the Covid pandemic and we stopped making these pancakes altogether. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I really got a craving for them again! But, now I was vegan and I wasn’t able to use one of the main ingredients anymore. But, because I know chia seeds can act as like a ‘vegan egg’ I figured I’d give my pancakes another go! Sure enough, they turned out EVEN BETTER this time and weren’t anywhere near as heavy without the egg in them. I could happily eat 2 and go about my day not feeling weighed down and lethargic. But of course; because we were in the UK now – we also had a wider range of kitchen essentials on hand to make these pancakes better than ever before! Insert my good friends; cinnamon and vanilla. Now, you don’t need to add either of these two bad boys into your pancakes to make them yummy; but I personally feel that the pancakes with cinnamon and vanilla are straight up top notch. Slather some peanut butter and maybe a bit of jam on these pancakes and you basically have a breakfast that’s fit for a special Sunday treat. Sure, they’re not my stepmoms pancakes; they could never be. But they are vegan, and really healthy for you! PLUS (knock on wood) I’ve yet to burn them which means they’re a win in my books! 

Don’t worry if you’re missing cinnamon or vanilla!

You might already have all 3 of these ingredients in your kitchen (you might even have cinnamon and vanilla in your pantry too!); so the next time you’re craving a snack give these babies a go! They take barely anytime to make and the cleanup is super easy. They’re guaranteed to keep you full and not make you feel bloated or gross. 

If you do give them a try, let me know in the comments below what you thought of them! Or if you have any variations I’d love to hear what you put in your pancakes. 

Until next time, sending you so much love and well wishes always 

Juicy xo  

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