Why Little Changes Are More Powerful Than Big Ones

Hello lovely! I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season; and no matter what it is that you celebrate; I hope you were able to spend some time with your loved ones either virtually or in person. I know 2020 has been such a challenging one for all of us; but I hope going forward into this new year we’re able to make some positive changes. Which is what my blog post is all about today!

I know I know; how cliché to write a New Years blog post about life changes; but stay with me. 

These are my intentions for 2020!

First of all I want to share with you my last years mentality: I’m not going to set goals because then I could FAIL; instead I’m going to set intentions so I can continually work on them and improve with time. Sounds good right? Although lets be honest; setting intentions is WONDERFUL its just not as tangible as goals are. Which is why I cant  really measure if I’ve succeeded or not. Ill share my intentions with you in this blog post because a) I’m really proud of my artwork and b) they are great things to be mindful of in your life. I look at those intentions now and I think to myself; “sure, I’ve accomplished a lot of these things” but when we get down to the nitty gritty of it; how can I tell if I’ve actually done more yoga this year vs last year? I mean yea sure I feel like Ive improved loads in 2020; I’ve converted myself to a vegan diet and I’m going to bed earlier. But how can I really measure how much more I’ve been able to love unconditionally? Or if I’ve truly been more mindful with my thoughts, words and actions? The answer is: you cant.

For that reason; I want you to know for 2021


Ive been listening to loads of podcast lately that talk about goal setting and how much is really involved when we do this. Like; its all well and good to spend half an hour creating a vision board or creating a list of goals: but its also important to make sure those goals are being broken down into smaller action steps that you can take everyday to make sure you’re lining yourself up for success. I recently listened to a podcast by a guy named James Wedmore; and if you haven’t heard of him before then ill just let you know he deals a lot with advancements in your business and overcoming different blocks both mental and physical. And what he said was that success isn’t a number in a bank account or a certain amount of followers. Success is saying: I’m going to do the thing; and then going out and DOING the thing. No matter what that thing is. For example for me today its saying I’m going to sit down and write a blog post and then ACTUALLY DOING IT. (And if youre reading this; YAY I AM SUCCESSFUL HAHA) This might seem like common sense to you; but it was something really insightful for me to hear. My whole adult life I’ve equated success with RESULTS; I’m not sure if that resonates with you or not but it was so present in my life. You know Oprah is successful because she sold 5 bazillion copies of her book or Jeff Bezos is successful because he made 5 bazillion dollars. (That’s actually not even an exaggeration you guys; look it up he’s like LITERALLY so freaking rich. But you already knew that) BUT when I heard what James said; it made me realise that Oprah was successful not when her book had crossed over that million sales checkpoint; or when Jeff opened his bank account and saw that huuuuge number; their success was in doing THE THING. The moment Oprah said I’m going to write a book; then wrote a book. So; that’s the mentality I’m taking forward with me into 2021. That when I accomplish my goals, regardless of how they’re received in the world; I am automatically successful. 

James also shared some great insight (if you don’t listen to his podcast already you should definitely check it out! Its called the Mind Your Business Podcast) that your goals shouldn’t be aimed at things that you cant personally achieve. For example: don’t set a goal like I want 10 5/5 reviews on my ecourse. Instead; set your goals around doing what it takes to get your ecourse so great that it’s a no brainier for people to be writing 5/5 reviews. In this example it may look like okay; in order for me to provide the best of the best course; I’m going to make sure I reply to all of my students questions. Or, okay in order for me to provide the best possible course I’m going to provide additional information about x, y or z and how up for my students everyday. Another example of something that’s easier to pick apart would be instead of saying I’m going to lose 10 pounds; say okay I’m going to dedicate myself going to the gym 4 times a week. And then at the end of the week you can actually measure wether you went to the gym; or not. It enables you to look at what you’re doing; and adjust your actions to make your goals much more achievable.

I like to spend New Years Day drawing up my goals and spending the time making them really visually appealing; so at the moment I post this I might not have them finished yet for you too look at. In that case; make sure you check back (by Jan 2 I’ll have the image added!) and maybe get some inspiration for your own goal setting this year. For now ill just write them in text form to hold myself a little bit more accountable and give you some examples! 

  1. I am doing a live in my facebook community once every other month. 
  2. I am creating and publishing a new spiritual blog post every week. 
  3. I am posting on my instagram feed every 2 weeks.
  4. I am going on nature walks at least 3 times a week. 
  5. I am doing yoga at least 2 times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  6. I am baking a new vegan treat/loaf of bread once a week. 
  7. I am writing in my dream journal at least 2 times a week. 
  8. I am dedicating at least 30 minutes to reading/personal development once a week. 
  9. I am doing a tarot card reading once every month. 
  10. I am doing extended nightly meditations (10+ mins) at least 2 times a week.  

But now I want to move off of my personal goals and talk more about why I think small changes are so much more powerful that big ones. I know we all have that friend; or maybe we ARE that friend (I have been before!) that buys the new gym membership Jan 1 and says they’ll be working out everyday from the New Year onwards. Which is great! But by the time Feb rolls around maybe you’ve lost your momentum or perhaps you come down with a cold so you miss a couple days and then fall off the wagon completely. This has been me SO MANY TIMES. Honestly, its super understandable why this happens because although you may be so on board with it in the beginning; life seems to always get in the way at one point or another. Which is why I set intentions last year instead of goals! Because no one likes that feeling when March rolls around and you realise you haven’t worked out in over a month since you got sick and you feel like a failure. 

One way I’ve learnt to combat this; is by slowing myself down and setting more realistic goals for myself. Now; that’s not to say we should all lower our expectations of ourselves and settle for less than what we want. It just means that we should set even MORE goals. Like I said before; breaking them down into actionable steps. So lets say instead of setting your goal to do a half marathon in 2021 when you’ve never run before (I’m certainly not a runner) Set yourself a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Now, when it’s March and you’ve been consistent with your small goal; you can then bump it up to something a little higher. Maybe its jogging 10,000 steps or something like that. (Again, I’m not a runner so not really sure why I thought a running example was the brightest idea for me) 

I love yoga but for some reason it’s always a challenge in the morning!

Because this is my blog; I’m going to relate this to one of my own goals for 2021. Doing yoga 2 times a week for a least 20 minutes. That seems achievable right? Ive made it so for that exact reason! Is my ultimate goal to do yoga 2 times a week? NO! But I know how much of a challenge it is for me to get into my shorts and onto the mat in the morning when its cold af and I’m feeling like pressing snooze on my alarm. So Im telling myself we’ll start with 2 days a week. I didn’t even specify it as morning yoga; because sometimes I have a million and one things to do and next thing you know its 4pm already. I don’t want that feeling of ‘shit well I missed yoga so ill try again tomorrow; or next week’. Leaving it open means that even if its 4pm I can still lay the mat out; or maybe opt for a relaxing nighttime practice if my body is feeling tired and sore. What I’m saying; is that when we start small and we can see those goals within reach-we’re more likely to reach for them. And therefore more likely to achieve them. And how good does that feel? Achieving a goal makes you feel more motivated to keep up with more goals right? Or at least; it does for me. And then ultimately it’ll feel a lot easier to go from yoga 2 times a week, to 3 times a week; or even 4. By giving yourself that positive reinforcement you’ve amplified your odds for success. Then by the time 2022 comes around you can look at your original goals and think HELL YES I’ve achieved that. I want to look at my goals and think ‘shit, I said I wanted to do yoga 2 times a week and now I start every day with at least 20 minutes on the mat’. Not only have I achieved my goals; I’VE SURPASSED THEM. 

And that my lovely; is the feeling I want all of us to experience. 

Does that make sense? I hope it does! 

Anyways; that’s all I have for you today love bugs; again I hope you’re all enjoying this holiday season as much as you can this year. Are you writing goals for 2021? If so; I’d love to hear what things you’re reaching for so we can help hold each other accountable; and ultimately celebrate each other’s successes. 

I’m wishing you all the best in 2021;

Sending you so much love and well wishes always,

Juicy xo 

Ps. If one of your goals for 2021 is to be more active on your spiritual journey; I am launching a Chakra Course/Community that I think would be perfect for you! If you haven’t had a chance to read my last blog post, or watch my FREE Chakra Masterclass go check it out now! Overall, in this course I will be providing so much juicy goodness; all about Chakras and how you can actively align and rebalance them. This course is jam packed with exclusive yoga videos and affirmation cards (you know I love my affirmation cards!) a well as a detailed crystal guide for each Chakra and so much more! However, the doors of this course are only open for the first 7 days of the month; so be sure to check it out now if that seems like something you’d be interested in! And on that note; until next week, sending you all the love x 

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