FREE Chakra Masterclass Replay + 2 SHAREABLE FREEBIES

Hello Lovelies! I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season and you’re able to spend some time (either virtually or in person) with your loved ones. I know Ive been extra quiet on the blog; and that’s because I’ve been focusing my energies on creating a new Chakra Reset & Expansion Course and Community that is launching this New Years at 11:11GMT/03:11PST! Last night my collaborator Kat and I hosted a free Chakra Masterclass on Facebook and Zoom talking a little bit more about what Chakras are, and how yoga benefits them. 

Because I got so caught up in the preparation of this masterclass, I know I didn’t mention it at all on the blog! So for that, I’m sorry. And to make it up to you, I’m posting the replay link with the exclusive 20% discount and early bird access (live now!) for anyone who is interested in joining the course and community for the month of January. (YouTube Link + FREEBIES at the bottom of this post!)

I know 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us (to say the least) and the main goal of this community is to provide each other with a safe space to regain that sense of human connection and support. 

I don’t know about you; but when I first started on my spiritual journey a couple years ago I felt SO ISOLATED. All of my friends were more concerned about who was sleeping with who and what they were buying from Sephora than healing their spiritual selves. Not that you cant be interested in spirituality and all of those things as well, but I just didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk to about these new things that were exciting me. 

Which is why I felt it so important to provide you with a place where YOU CAN get giddy about your new crystal or that amazing breathwork practice you just experienced. Because I promise you, there are people out there who are interested in the same things as you are-even if you haven’t met them yet. 

As you know, I’m very passionate about Chakras and the affect that they have on our physical and emotional well being. Not to mention our connection with the Divine/Source/Spirit/God or however you refer to it! In this course we will dive deeper into understanding how each Chakra works and you will receive practical tips on how to bring awareness to what’s showing up for you in your life. As well as how to rebalance them and maintain your own sense of inner peace and stability in this ever changing world. 

This course will also include 7 exclusive yoga practices made by Kat, specifically tailored to rebalance each Chakra, a complete deck of Chakra Affirmation Cards made by me, 7 pieces of one of a kind art that will showcase correspondences of each Chakra for you to use in your daily practice and access to numerous Chakra, Ho’oponopono, binaural beats and meditation playlists. Not to mention the comprehensive information for each Chakra, including un/balanced symptoms, 3 page crystal guides, journal and drawing prompts, healing foods and more. We will also be featuring monthly lives and weekly video Q&A responses to your direct questions.  

Oh, and one of my favourite features which is exclusive video content from one of our 12 OMGS (Open Minded Guest Speakers) every month, talking about their area of expertise. These videos will be about so many things varying from breathwork, Human Design, moon magic, aromatherapy, EFT Tapping and more! 

This course and community is limited in the amount of open spaces available because we want to make sure everyone is seen and appreciated on their journey. So, we are only opening the space up to 20 people at a time! Oh! And just so you know, this exclusive 20% discount is only available for the month of January. But don’t worry, you have early bird access so you can reserve you spot right away and make sure you’re getting in on all the juicy goodness. 

Please feel free to check out the exclusive landing page here:

It is password protected, so be sure to use the password: Chakra

If you feel called to join, I really cant wait to get to know you a little bit better in the community! And I think you’ll also get to know me a little bit better as well ( one of our OMGS is sharing a Human Design chart reading of me for you to see how they work, so you’ll get to see exactly what I’m all about on a very deep and unbiased level!) 

Of course, I also want to share a couple of fun FREEBIES with you today as well! Following the Chakra theme; I’ve created 2 graphics that are interactive and shareable on your socials. One is a Chakra Balancing Bingo and the other is a Chakra This OR That game. I put so much love into them so I hope you have loads of fun selecting what activities you’ve done for the week and tagging your friends to play along with you! 

I should note, If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to reach out to me! Drop a comment below, shoot me an email or dm me on instagram; whatever works best for you. 

I hope you enjoy the Masterclass and the freebies and as always, any of your feedback is warmly welcomed. 

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your journey lovely. 

Until next time I’m sending you so much love and well wishes always;

Juicy xo 

Ps. Have you taken my FREE 3 min Chakra quiz yet?

Find out where your Chakras are at, and if they could use some extra love.

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