Affirmation Cards + Waking Rituals!

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re doing so well. Today I wanted to share with you a practice that I’ve put into my life consistently for over a year now. You can probably guess what it is; because its in the title of this post! I know some people hear the words Affirmation cards and roll their eyes. In fact; I used to be one of those people! However, I thought I’d share my experience because I feel Ive experienced a lot of growth from these little cards! 

Almost 2 years ago one of my witchy sisters shared a couple of her Affirmation cards on instagram; and I have to be honest; from the moment I laid eyes on them I fell in LOVE with their gorgeous artistry. I mean, I the affirmations were ok too of course; but the art took my breath away. I asked her where she got them, and she informed me they’d been in a box somewhere in the house out of use for a long time. But she was kind enough to recommend a website where I could find a deck of my own. I immediately pulled up the site and this deck caught my eye right from the title. SUPER ATTRACTOR by Gabby Bernstein. 

Heck yes, I AM A SUPER ATTRACTOR I thought to myself and I put a deck in my shopping cart.

When the cards arrived; I was thrilled. I opened them up and shuffled the deck eagerly asking the universe what affirmation I needed to hear AT THAT MOMENT and I split the deck. The top card just looked at me begging to be flipped over. I happily obliged.

But, the affirmation I pulled was something that didn’t make much sense to me; and although the artistry was beautiful it kind of just left me.. well, uninspired.

Nonsense! I thought. Ill pull another one! And so I did. But it was the same sort of ‘hippie dippy’ stuff that just didn’t quite resonate and I quickly put the card back. I decided maybe I just needed time to get a feel for the cards. I excitedly took a picture to show my friends on instagram and decided a 14 day affirmation card pull challenge was in order. Over that 14 day period I grew to really appreciate these cards. Not only was I reading a new positive message everyday (even if it was a bit ‘hippie dippy’-and not all of them were!) but I was sharing that positivity with my friends. The art on the cards was gorgeous and finding the beauty of nature for the backdrop of my picture was fun! It may have been a rainy day, but my potted plant was thankful for a break from the sun. Plus; whenever I was feeling stressed or anxious throughout my day; I was able to redirect my focus onto something that was positive and that really helped disrupt my negative thinking pattern. 

SUPER ATTRACTOR by Gabby Bernstein

Soon, I was reading these affirmations and they didn’t seem so ‘hippie dippy’ anymore. In fact; they were right up my alley. I’d raised my vibration up from thinking self love affirmations were ‘a bit over the top’ to absolutely on point. And it felt good. 

But still, I wondered how many other people had picked up a deck of these and then put it back down again because they just weren’t QUITE there yet. I still share my daily affirmation card online from time to time; but you can be sure I’m diligently pulling a card everyday. I like having a tangible card to look at and keep around me through the day. 

Not only do I still pull one of my SUPER ATTRACTOR cards everyday; but I’ve now gone so far a to make MY OWN deck of cards! Because lets be honest; reading someone else’s affirmations are lovey-but there’s something so powerful in reading words that you’ve written yourself. I also wanted to have cards that were more Chakra focused as you know that is a strong passion of mine. For my deck of cards I decided I wanted them to be 100% my energy. So I took my watercolour and paintbrushes out to create artwork that I felt was minimal; yet still energetically powerful. I put this artwork as the backdrop of my cards so I could be reminded everyday of my capabilities and really focus my energies on the Chakra associated with the card of the day. Because I’m so passionate about affirmation cards and the benefit they’ve had for me; I’ve decided to gift you some of my own creations to use in your own daily life! Ive also included a couple blank cards in my free download so you can write your own powerful affirmations. I hope you find a sense of happiness and encouragement when you read these cards. And even if that feeling doesn’t show up right away; I encourage you to keep up with it! You may find you have a similar story as me; and you grow to love this daily practice like I do now.  

Another thing Ive realised from doing this; is that it helps me add a daily ritual to my life.

One of My Heart Chakra Focused Affirmation Cards!

And that has a powerful grounding energy to it. I’m not sure if you have a rising ritual that you do everyday when you wake up; but if you don’t I honestly suggest you implement one. It may sound daunting to have to wake up even earlier before your already busy schedule begins; but dedicating time to yourself everyday is important. Its an act of self love that I promise your body, mind and spirit will thank you for. And it doesn’t have to be very long either. Start with 5-10 minutes and build it up as you go! Try pulling an affirmation card and if possible, smudging yourself with sage, incense or palo santo. Don’t forget to keep a window ajar to let out any of the negative energies that may be released! Hold the card in your hand and repeat the affirmation 3 times out loud. Then, do whatever feels right! Maybe dance around to music for 5 minutes or make yourself a cup of tea and find stillness. Roll out your mat and stretch your body, or read that book you’ve been keeping on your bedside table promising yourself you’d read one day. Write a poem or journal last nights dream or your feelings; its all up to you what feels right in the moment. Dedicate that time to yourself; offline and expressing yourself in whatever way flows through you. Every day might be different; but the point is that you’re dedicating time to yourself; for yourself. These days my ritual consists of watering my plants and pulling an affirmation card. Making myself a cup of green tea and enjoying a piece of fruit while walking through my back garden and saying hello to all the flowers. When my tea is finished ill then roll out my yoga mat and begin my stretches. 

No matter what you decide to do; I hope you enjoy your time with yourself babe. I think it’ll deepen your appreciation for yourself. 

Anyways Lovely, I hope you’re enjoying your affirmation cards (haven’t gotten yours yet? No worries! Download your FREE affirmation cards below) and I hope this inspired you to start implementing them into a sustainable rising ritual that works for you. 

Sending you love and well wishes always,

Juicy xo 

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