Rose Petals: 6 Ways to Use Them + DIY Massage Oil Recipe

Rose Petals: 6 Ways to Use Them + DIY Massage Oil Recipe

Hey Juicers! I hope you’re all in good health and well grounded. Today I want to share with you my love affair with rose petals.

I’ve always loved roses as they are such a beautiful flower, and their fragrance is undeniably sweet and romantic. But up until recently I’d never had the opportunity to harvest my own petals from plants in a garden! Having access to my own roses has sparked a creative energy in me and inspired me to do more with roses than just admiring them from afar. That being said, you can easily use store bought roses or even just skip the drying process altogether and buy a pack of dried rose petals from your local florist or natural food store if you’d prefer to go the quicker route. Just make sure your roses are organic and free from any nasty pesticides!

With everything that’s going on in the world right now my partner and I have found ourselves in the gorgeous countryside in the UK looking after his gran’s place. It’s a beautiful old house, and its been here for over 500 years! I feel very lucky to get to have the opportunity to live here and take care of her beautiful garden.

For the most part, the garden consists of lots of wild flowers and over grown vines and its basically my definition of heaven! There’s also apple trees, a ton of wild strawberries and lavender tucked in pockets of the garden that smells so lovely. Nestled in amongst all of these wild flowers and vines are also rose plants scattered all over the back garden. Everyday I go for my morning stroll around the property and I kiss the roses good morning. Now, let me tell you: I wish there was a way of sharing smell online because these roses are absolutely intoxicating! Needless to say, I’m completely enamoured by these flowers and was curious about how I could keep that sweet floral scent forever. One day, as I was kissing one of the bigger buds, she released her petals onto my hands! I was pleasantly surprised and everyday since I’ve been collecting as many petals as she (and her sisters) are willing to give me!

Now that I had these gorgeous petals in my grubby paws I went online and looked up all the different ways you can use them. And my gosh, there are honestly so many ways! And might I add rose petals have some amazing health benefits. Most of these uses I’m sharing today I’ve already been doing in my day to day life; but I have to say I’ve never tried smoking the petals before! I’m currently drying some now and look forward to trying it out (have you ever smoked rose petals before? What was it like? If you want me to share my rose petal smoking experience let me know in the comments below!)

I hope you enjoy these 6 awesome ways you can use rose petals; and I hope you treat yourself to some damn roses soon because they’re gorgeous just like you + you deserve it baby!

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1. Perfect for Tea and Love Potions

A 2005 study confirmed the anti-inflammatory quality of rose tea in treating symptoms of menstruation, including painful cramping and bloating.

Roses are also full of vitamins A and E, and rose tea helps to hydrate and tighten skin reducing the appearance of lines and diminishing dark circles. Not only that, but rose petals are a good source of Vitamin C, also known for its antioxidant properties.

Combined with the antioxidant and antibacterial properties, this tea is effective treatment for mild UTIs (although you should still see a doctor/medical professional for any health issues)

Rose petal teas are safe and beneficial for pregnant women and a good source of vitamins and minerals. Compounds in the tea promote healthy development and a boost to the immune system protecting mother and baby.

Rose petals are frequently used for opening and aligning the heart chakra and are a symbol of love. Use rose petals in your next self love potion or brew one up for that special someone. Just be sure to stir in your intention when you make your potion!

2. Smudge your heart chakra into alignment

Rose has very calming, and relaxing properties especially on an emotional level. Rose petals are used in healing sessions, in aromatherapy and in many spiritual ceremonies. When you smudge with rose petals you are inviting in the essence of pure love and this floral smoke enables you to embrace the sacred space your are clearing for yourself both physically and energetically. Smudging rose petals clears negative energies and opens up space to allow love to flow in.

Add candles for a little extra touch of romance!

3. Use them in the Bath

Natural antibacterial compounds in rose petals improve skin health and the aromatic quality reduces stress, which makes them the perfect addition to any bath. As a symbol of love and linked to the heart chakra on an emotional level, using rose petals allow us to connect on a deeper to our physical bodies and the sensuality of love. When added to baths the petals provide your skin with powerful antioxidants and nutrients. The petals also contain natural compounds that reduce aging symptoms such as wrinkles and dryness. So, next time you decide to unwind in a hot bath add in some rose petals and your whole body will thank you.

4. Smoke them

When smoked, rose petals are known to produce a sense of inner peace, act as an aphrodisiac, and decrease depression. There are multiple ways to smoke with rose petals, from either crumbling up dried petals in a joint or using the petals themselves as rolling paper. Simply cut off the edges of the petal and flash dry them in a low heat oven for 10 seconds; then lick and stick them together and allow them to dry. Now you’re ready to roll the most romantic rose joint ever! (Want me to do a howto pictorial? Let me know in the comments below!) When smoking rose petals, you tend to feel a slight euphoric rush at the onset. However, this feeling is short-lived and doesn’t last for long. There is no feeling a psychoactive effect, but smokers will feel a boost in mood. Additionally, smoking rose petals provides a relaxed sensation that boots its antidepressant effects.

Beetroot Chocolate and Rose Brownie from

5. Use them as garnish on food

Another way to use these petals in your day to day life is to jazz up your meals! Rose petals have a sweet, floral flavour and work well as a garnish on delicate salads and go perfectly with many chocolate desserts. You can also use them in your baking for an additional flavour boost or an extra pop of colour. Fancy a liquid dessert? Rose petals add a special touch when added onto cocktails as well!

6. DIY Massage oil for more body love

Roses are well-known for their emollient and healing properties and they nourish all kinds of skin types, including those with rosacea and eczema. They are also great for easing taut nerves and soothing pain when made into a simple massage oil. This massage oil is very versatile and can be used topically for either reducing redness on scars or sensually on yourself or with a partner.

Strain the oil into smaller bottles after 6 weeks!

Rose-Petal Oil recipe


-rose petals, enough to fill your small jar up to the brim

-a mild smelling oil or sweet almond oil

-one small jar


-bamboo skewer (optional)

-funnel (optional but very helpful!)

-Vitamin E (optional but will extend your oils shelf life!)


Fill a small jar with fresh rose petals. You want the jar to be quite packed. Now, pour your oil of choice over the petals. Mix to coat the petals with the oil—a bamboo skewer works perfectly as a stirring stick. After mixing, fill the rest of the jar up to the top with the oil. Place the lid and screw cap on, and let sit 6 weeks in a dark cupboard, then strain out the rose oil. Keep your oil away from sunlight and store in a dark bottle if possible. Feel free to use these leftover petals in your next bath for an added boost of luxury!

Variations: To extend the shelf life of your oil and make it even more nourishing you can also add a few drops of vitamin E oil.

A couple tidbits I wanted to share with you, like how to store them and how long you can keep those beautiful petals for (although I’m sure they wont last long!). Once you’ve finished drying your rose petals, be sure to store them in moisture-free glass jars or enclosed metal containers that avoid moisture. Keep them out of sunlight to avoid further bleaching the colour. And, as long as they are kept in a dry, dark place, preserved rose petals can be kept for between 1 to 3 years. Any longer than that and they lose their fragrance and potency.

Okay Juicers, I have a rose petal bath that is calling my name, so that’s all for me today! I hope you fall in love with rose petals just as much as I have and I cant wait to hear all about your experiences. As always, feel free to share any questions or comments in the section down below, this is a safe space for witches to share and grow!

Until next time, sending you good vibes and well wishes always;



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