5 Ways to Infuse More Magic into Your Life

5 Ways to Infuse More Magic into Your Life

Hey Juicers! I hope you’re all healthy and well grounded!! I come to you today with some advice hand in hand with a bit of a confession!

Okay so lets be honest, I love doing magic as much as the next witch but sometimes I just don’t feel like getting all my crystals and candles and incense together to perform a big ritual. Its not that I don’t appreciate the intricacies of rituals and ceremonies but sometimes I just have a lot to do and not a lot of time! Do you ever feel like that?

Which got me thinking, do I even practice magic at all?

But then I realised that magic isn’t always about being grandiose or having all the right equipment; in fact most of the time my magic is sheerly the power of my intention. And, as I believe everyone’s power resides in themselves it just means you don’t need all of the frills to incorporate magic into your life. So, although I believe there is definitely a time and a place for beautifully adorned altars and ceremonies with incense and candles; I just wanted to take a moment to bring to light some of the ways I like to use simple magic in my day to day life.

  1. Release any pent up emotions or anything that isn’t serving you when you go to the toilet.

Now, I know that may sound a little silly at first; but I think if you look at it logically it makes a lot of sense! When you go to the toilet you’re physically releasing waste; the byproduct of food that doesn’t serve your body. So it makes sense that during such a primal physical release we can attach a higher spiritual meaning and release other things that no longer serve us as well. I personally feel so much better in the morning (or anytime during the day really) when I can stand up and LITERALLY flush away all that emotional baggage isn’t helping me become my highest self! Its just as simple as it sounds; while you’re on the toilet visualise the things that are holding you back; the limiting beliefs and the self doubt.. now, when you flush acknowledge that they are no longer a part of you and go about your day with the belief you can accomplish anything. Even if it may feel silly to do this the first couple of times; I strongly recommend you give this a try! Even if it is just for shits and giggles! (See what I did there haha)

Angkor Wat, Nov 2018
  1. Wash away negative energy in the shower
La Fortuna, Costa Rica 2020

Again, another very cathartic way for us to release any stress or tension is in the shower while we’re physically washing away any dirt and buildup on our body and hair. Had a long day at work? Or, I suppose as its 2020; had a long morning sitting at home feeling unproductive and lethargic? Hop into that shower! As you feel the water running against your skin visualise your worries and stresses washing away with the grime of the day. When you soap up; visualise recharging yourself with vitality and energy! You’re directly infusing love and power into your body by taking care of yourself. The more you show your body love and appreciation the more you ground your root chakra. (Not sure what a root chakra is? No sweat! Check my beginners guide to chakras here).Do this and by the time you’re finished showering you’re sure to feel ready to attend that zoom call, or attempt at making that vegan soda bread recipe! The world is your oyster baby!

  1. Paint sigils on your your food, soap or book of shadows

Another great way you can infuse some more magic into your day to day life is by using sigils! Sigils are by definition: an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. Now, I could tell you to inscribe a pentagon or some other very witchy symbol that you may or may not be familiar with; but I believe magic is very personal. So, inscribe whatever means something to you! Do you love doodling flowers or stars? Great! Use your intention and set that doodle to symbolise something important to you; say either good health or a protection for example. Now, when you go about your daily life; lets say right out of the shower and you’re putting your body lotion on set your intention and doodle that sigil onto your skin. I use this for lots of different things! Like carving a sigil into a block of hand soap, putting mayo on a burger or even into the corner of the pages in your book of shadows when you’re making notes on a spell. (Want to know more about what a book of shadows is? Let me know in the comments below!)

My favourite sigil is a pentacle. I use it for protection against negative energies
  1. Enchant your tea and coffee with blessings and protection spells
One of my fave mugs + tarot cards,
London 2019

One of my favourite ways to practice everyday magic is with my tea. I like to mix different teas and fruits and spices together and create unique potions that are enchanted with my witchy magic. But; on days where I don’t feel like spending 20 minutes assembling a cup of tea I just remember to lock my intention into my drink with a spoon. Its very simple; but very powerful. All you have to do is take your spoon and circle it in your mug clockwise for positivity, good health and vitality; and then oppositely your can circle your spoon counterclockwise to banish all sort of ill well, negativity or poor health from your life. I personally like to do this especially when I’m making tea for someone else! Its nice to set good intentions for someone and see them enjoy their hot beverage knowing it has that extra little bit of magic in it.

  1. Verbally send love and well wishes to your house plants and your pets

This last one may seem like common knowledge for some witches; but I feel its such a powerful way to connect yourself to nature that I had to add it in! Every morning I wake up and I go to water my plants, which can seem pretty mundane but I like to spend some time to speak to them. I tell them grand rising and admire their new growth, I nourish them with water and blow them kisses and wish them a great and sunny day. Throughout the day I‘ll often check up on my plants, making sure they’re getting enough sunlight or enough shade and just overall making sure to interact with them more than once. While it may sound a bit woo I feel like speaking to my plants does a lot for both the plants overall wellbeing and mine. Not only am I providing my plant with a little direct co2 I’m also taking responsibility for another being which adds more value and meaning in my life. The same can be said with pets; the more you speak with them and show them love and affection they deserve, the better you’ll feel! But then again, I didn’t need to tell you to go give your doggo some extra kisses did I?!

My basil plant just won’t stop growing!


  1. Pull an affirmation card
Super Attractor Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

Okay, so I wanted to add this little tid bit in here because the affirmation card I pulled today is so awesome! You want to know what it says? “Its good to feel good!” How great is that? This little bit of magic is a take it or leave it; but I really feel like it benefits me in a big way on a day to day basis! I have a deck of affirmation cards (its called Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, want to know more about my use of affirmation cards? Let me know in the comments below!) and everyday I pull a card from the deck. On each card is an affirming statement that I can bring awareness to throughout my day. Whether you decide to purchase a deck for yourself or DIY some affirming statements onto some card paper is up to you! I honestly feel you can really infuse some positive energy into your day by focusing your energy onto affirming statements that uplift you in times of stress or when you’re lacking motivation.

Alright Juicers that’s all for me today! I hope you enjoyed my little snapshot of a few different ways you can infuse more magic into your day to day life! Do you have any special daily magic you do? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment down below about your favourite day to day magic; and let me know when you try some of these and how they work for you!

Sending love and well wishes always,



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