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This is a safe space for any and all overwhelmed visionaries who have received the spiritual call in life,

and are asking themselves “now what?”

Excited by everything but dont know where to start? I’m here for YOU!

If you‘re feeling overwhelmed by the limitless options in the spiritual world and are seeking direction and easy to understand information; I got you. Together we will explore the esoteric world and align your actions with that of your Highest Self. By using mindful intention and magic in your day to day life you can achieve anything you set your mind to. It’s time for you to go from Overwhelmed Visionary to: Aligned Manifestor! Raise your vibration with me and take back your power; its time for you to live the magical life you deserve!

Ready for more? You’re in the right place!

PSA: I host a FREE Live Meditation on the last Sunday of every month! Next meditation is: April 25th!

This is the perfect event for anyone who is looking for connection and a sacred space to gather. We will be coming together and chanting the different mantras for each Chakra to rebalance our energies, using one of my favourite meditation tracks! It doesn’t matter if you are someone who is brand new to meditation; or someone who practices everyday..

you WILL receive a deeper level of healing when we bring our energies together ❤

All you have to do to join us is reserve your seat!

My offerings:

FULL DECK Chakra Affirmation Cards (42 Cards, 7 per Chakra PLUS 7 Blank Cards)

14 FREE Printable Chakra Affirmation Cards

☆ FREE Chakra Discovery Facebook Group

☆ FREE Live Meditation Event! April 25 *Reserve your spot by clicking link above!

Are you interested in learning all about what the heck Chakras are; and how balancing them will enhance your daily life? Hop on over to my blog posts and get up to speed on these magical energy centres within us. Watch my FREE Masterclass with yoga instructor Kat and download 2 FREE fun gifts I made for you that you can play with your friends on your socials. Or, take this FREE 3 min Quiz first and see exactly where you’re at and how you can make your life flow EVEN BETTER.

I have so much juicy goodness I want to share with you!

Alternatively, if you’re ready to jump into a community of likeminded individuals; join our FREE Chakra Discovery Facebook Group! Its a safe and supportive space where we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about Chakras. Receive answers to your burning questions, daily inspiration and updates on all the events and other Juicy Goodness! PLUS we have 12 AMAZING Open Minded Guest Speakers (we’re calling them our OMGS!) Sharing their wisdom about Human Design, EFT Tapping, Breathwork and so much more!

Do you love affirmations? If you do, I have a GIFT FOR YOU.

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If you’ve never heard of affirmations before; or you’re not sure what all the fuss is about; don’t worry! You can read all about my experience with these powerful and lifechanging cards here.

Ready to jump straight into the FULL DECK? I got you Lovely! Click here to receive daily guidance from your highest self about which Chakra needs extra love and attention.

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Your knowledge of all things witchy. From love spell jars and tarot cards to chakra meditations and magical herbs. I love sharing recipes and DIY’s you can do at home. By trying new things at a hands on level, you can find out what works best for you.


The beauty of the moon and all of the Wiccan seasons of the year. Learn about the zodiac signs and how they relate to your day to day life. Utilise the moon phases to bring your life into alignment and supercharge your energies for success.


Magic first hand using powerful crystals. Combining ancient knowledge about these magical tools and their newfound uses; incorporating them into your daily life. Together, we will learn how to target your desires and bring them into fruition.

Witches don’t fix problems.

Witches fix the energy around problems.

Then the problems fix themselves.

Dacha Avelin

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☾ Hey, I’m Juicy!

I am a travelling witch that loves all things magical. Here I share all of my insights, witchy DIY’s, vegan recipes and spells.

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